Small Ad 654px x 100px
Small Ad 654px x 100px

Small Ad 654px x 100px




Your ad in rotation on the Official TFW App.


  1. Small – in rotation 654px x 100px
  2. Medium – in rotation 654px x 300px
  3. Large – in rotation 654px x 654px
  4. XL – in rotation 654px x 900px

All ads will be “clickable” to your desired url.

The app will serve all ads in equally weighted rotation on random pages of the app.


  1. We will contact you via email after your purchase to arrange for getting your ad image. We will also get your desired url at this time.
  2. Acceptable formats are .jpg and .png.

Discounts end on February 3rd at midnight central. Payment must be received by February 4th to receive the discounted price. Ad prices increase to full price after this date.